Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Beachtime Birthday

It was a wonderful birthday!

Last year I had wanted to go to the beach in nearby Galveston on my birthday, but it didn't work out. The shuttle launch had been delayed and so Brian had to spend the majority of my birthday helping to get it off the ground. In addition to the shuttle, Mother Nature decided it would be a great day for an all day downpour. This year I was so hoping that the weather would cooperate so that we could have my birthday at the beach. And it did!

We had gone to Mass Saturday night so that we could get going on Sunday morning. We were up bright and early (the norm with little ones, even if it is your birthday) and opened presents first. The kids are always so excited for me to see their treasures they have chosen. We had a yummy breakfast and started packing our food and the rest of our gear. We managed to make it out of the house by 10:30. It seemed we took most of the house with us, but in hindsight we were glad - we didn't want for anything. We arrived at the pocket park a little later than we should have. We passed it up the first time. These pocket parks are nice. You pay $8 a car to get in, but that small fee gets you a parking lot, fully functioning showers and toilets, a nice pavilion area and easy access to the beach. In truth, I would pay a lot more just for the toilets!

The weather was great! Not too hot! The rain held off. While we were there, the winds whipped up as some rain clouds came near, but all the rain seemed to skirt around us the whole time. We played and played and played. I spent some relaxing time with Mikey in my new beach chair under the umbrella and walking in the waves.

We ate some PB&J (why does it taste so good when you are hungry?) and played some more. We spent a fantastic four hours enjoying our lovely beach. Some might complain that Galveston is not the most lovely beach. I know there are far more beautiful beaches in the world. But I am thankful that we even HAVE a beach nearby (30 minutes) that my children can visit more frequently and enjoy.

It was a perfect beach birthday.

That evening, after we showered off the beach we brought home, the gang made me a cake and we grilled steaks for dinner.

The whole day was so much fun! And all this was in addition to all the other fun I'd had. On Friday night we had birthday New Mexico enchiladas at Brian's parents house. His mom made me the cutest set of kitchen towels as a gift!

And THEN...On Saturday, Robin and I attended a used book sale and went out to lunch - nothing better! We even went out to eat on Saturday night after Mass!

Thanks to all my friends and family that made my day so special. And thank you to my parents for giving me life and loving me.


Mom of boys said...

Glad that you had such a great day! And those kitchen towels are the BEST!

Melissa said...

Celeste!!! It all looks and sounds so WONDERFUL! What a fabulous birthday. I am so glad your beach birthday worked out for you this year! Those towels are the cutest I've ever seen. I would almost hate to use them! :)

The pictures you shared are so, SO precious. Much love to you, friend, and may this year bring you abundant blessings!

Blair said...

Happy Belated Birthday! Looks like a wonderful day! I've been wanting to take another beach trip now that school is in session and it's probably less crowded...this post made me really want to head down there soon!

And I agree, any beach nearby is better than no beach :)

mom-in-training said...

What fun!!! We need to get to the beach soon, too. We haven't been in so long and the kids have been asking to go. This is definitely the time to go!

Those towels really are so cute! I'm like Melissa... I'd have a hard time using them!

I'm so glad your birthday weekend was so wonderful - you deserved the pefect birthday!!! Hugs to you, my friend!!!