Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Fall is in the Air

Well, Melissa gave me the bug once again. She changed her blog template and colors and header and now I must do the same. With the impending approach of fall (officially this weekend, weatherwise in Houston, more like November), I thought it appropriate to add a little fall flavor to The Great Adventure. I think I like it. Let me know what you think. Anything too hard to read? Colors not pleasing? And so on and so forth.

The pumpkin patch photo is from last year. No Mikey. When I have a new one, I will change it. Until then enjoy the other kids.

While I was searching for the perfect pumpkin patch pic, I came across this All Saints Day photo from 3 years ago. I just wanted to cry. Where has time gone? Who are those children? They are mine. They are firmly engraved in my mind and heart. What a sweet precious life I lead!


deb said...

What lovely photos. I've just started my own blog and haven't gotten pictures of my own children up yet.

mom-in-training said...

I love the Fall look! See? I need you to come show me how to do it!!!

Wow... Was that really 3 years ago??? Look how little Jacob and Nicole look! I agree - where has time gone? Even looking at your patio - it feels like you just had that done! Okay, now I'm going to cry...

Melissa said...

I love the fall colors! Change is fun, isn't it? :)

That is such an incredibly sweet photo of your little saints. Time just flies by so fast!

And thank you SO MUCH for the lovely e-mail. You made my day! It's pretty late now, so I should get to bed, but I'll try to respond soon.(Although, like you, my days are blessedly full and it may not be as soon as I'd like!)

Mom of boys said...

I love the colors as well!

I remember that All Saints Day *sigh*. Where does the time go?

Laura W. said...

I LOVE Fall!!! Your blog colors look great as well as your cutie banner! And I love the All Saints Day Photo...thanks for visiting my blog recently and for your comment! Have a great weekend with your lovely family!