Wednesday, September 05, 2007

I am slow

I am slow to post. I was reading somewhere in the blogsphere (sp?) of another homeschooling mom of four who was not having much time for "obsessing on the computer" since the beginning of school. Oh, how I can relate to that! I haven't been good at returning emails for a while now and now the blogging is just some far off thing to grasp at. I know it will get better. Schedules and work loads will become the norm. But part of the "not having time" is making better choices. Like instead of obsessing on the computer, I read a book to the kids, play a game, accomplish the scheduled laundry or just sit and snuggle a baby.

So in an effort to get a post "out there" without spending too many "little grey cells" (anybody know that phrase?), I am making a "tide you over post."

Our weekend:

Good. We hit the ground running with a well attended back to school Mass on Saturday morning for our home school support group. Thank you Father Thomas and Father Skip. Then there was groceries, dryer repair and, little did I know, sneaky planning all the rest of the afternoon. That evening, we were supposed to be heading out to Academy or Fry's and then to Bennigan's to use a coupon. It wasn't till we were very much almost there, that I realized Brian was taking us all to his parent's house. Brian had planned a surprise date night for us. The older three kids spent the night and we took Mikey with us for dinner at Cheddar's and a movie rental. We picked the kids up and went to Mass with Brian's mom the next day and then had lunch with them. The rest of Sunday is a blur. Oh, yeah chicken kabobs on the grill. Monday was RAINY! We worked around the house. I took Nicole and Mikey to do some errands. We did haircuts!!!!!! Yeah! No more scraggly children and husband. Then we had my parents over for a fun evening of grilled burgers and delectable brownies (thanks, Mama for those!) Whew!

Things I've been meaning to link to:

Slightly silly, but educational book.

Interesting, good movie.

Decisions on a tablecloth, but not for the table. More to come. Any you like?

New calendar. Well, not new to me. Had one last year and I loved it. Drenched it with coffee. Now I have a new one!

I love this lady's stuff!

Posts to come:

1. How to discipline a 6 year old and a 4 year old who get down the digital camera without asking to take a picture of a "raven" and then proceed to drop it on the tile and break it. Hmmmm.

2. My laundry room makeover. Double Hmmmm.

3. How homeschooling year two is progressing and a sampling of our work.

4. Our plans for the Liturgical Year (crafts, books, etc.) through Christmas-ish

But for now I must boogie. Dinner is in the crock pot (Jacob made it) and the dessert is made (thanks Jacob and Nicole). We have our engaged couple coming over tonight for their third meeting with us so we can show those young 'ins how to be married. They probably think we are a nutty pair! Actually we came recommended (really!) by their friends whom we helped prepare last summer.


Oh, and just a photo for the fun of it!


Melissa said...

This post just has me grinning from ear to ear. Thank you, THANK YOU, for taking the time to give us a quick update. Your weekend sounds like it was SO much fun. That hubby of yours is such a dear!

I can't wait to hear more on these future posts! I've been thinking about you so much these last few days, especially now that we are officially homeschooling. I sometimes wonder how you do it all, and with such a cheerful attitude! I would so love to be able to pop over for a real life visit. In the meantime, know that I am thinking of you and wishing you all the best as you begin this new school year! Hopefully things will settle into a more regular routine soon...and then you can spend more time online. :)

P.S. I watched Premonition with Darren several weeks ago and was so upset that he was actually able to SLEEP through it! I really wanted to talk to him about it afterward. That movie really haunted me. I think I may rent it again just so Darren can actually WATCH it with me this time!

Mom of boys said...

We watched Premontion a couple of weeks ago. We really liked it.

Everything sounds great! Maybe we can get together once the new routines get settled in! Nicholas wants to know when he can play with Jacob again!

Crafty Mom said...

That "educational" book is absolutely hilarious! Katie got such a kick out of it last year that we read it several times in a row each day, while we did our food pyramid unit.

She is now sooooo into the magic tree house that we finished it as our read-aloud in two days. It was supposed to be 5. And we aleady started #2. Thanks for the link to the passport. She so loves it, and I never would have found it on my own.