Thursday, September 27, 2007

Wild and crazy

If only I could always be this crazy......

This evening Brian had just left to go to a book study with a great Catholic group of guys and I was working to get the kids in bed early. I heard the phone ring and heard Brian on the machine. He had called to tell us he could see the great big beautiful orange harvest moon while driving. We were finishing up story and getting ready to settle in bed, but after a brief hesitation I found myself ushering the kids downstairs "to see something cool." We were quite disappointed that we couldn't see it. The moon was too low in the sky and we were surrounded by all the big trees on our street. How sad!

Well, then I got even crazier!!!!! (Yes, this really is wild and crazy and so out of character for me, especially when I know the kids need to be in bed early.) We really were about to turn out the lights when I found myself herding the kids downstairs once more - this time to the car. We piled in and drove around the neighborhood until we could see the harvest moon. It probably was not quite as big and orange as when Brian had seen it, but the kids were excited. We got home and the children couldn't stop talking about how much fun it was to go see the harvest moon in our pajamas, "so late." How precious.

Are these the things they will remember most? The time Mama let us pile in the car at bedtime to go see the harvest moon? Yes, I believe they will. I am thankful I did it. I didn't even know the Holy Spirit could inspire us to be so crazy.

Happy Autumn!


mom-in-training said...

Good job, wild and crazy woman! Yes, I definitely think those are the memories they will carry with them the longest. How very special!!!

Melissa said...

Celeste, do you have any idea how very lucky your kids are? You are one of the greatest mommies I've ever had the pleasure of knowing. I absolutely believe that these are exactly the kinds of things that they will remember most!