Monday, September 24, 2007

He found it!

Brian and the kids bought me a squirrel feeder for my birthday and this weekend we finally got it hung on the playset near the kitchen window. We have two squirrels that have been coming for years. I think I said this before: if you see one squirrel that squirrel is Nut Burier and if you see two squirrels the first one is Nut Burier and the second one is Acornetta. Got it? Good. Anyway, we love our squirrels. They love our yard. Brian wasn't too convinced that they'd visit the feeder there, but I've seen them on the playset before not too far from the spot. And, this morning after breakfast, Nut Burier was spotted. What joy! The kids are so enjoying standing at the kitchen sink watching him. It is so much fun to see those big black eyes staring back at you! I love it!!!

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Jill said...

Loving all of your recent posts. Especially the photo of that adorable seven month old baby. Wow! He looks like a big boy. I can't believe it! SO cute.