Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Baseball and Buddies

This next Saturday will see the last game in our second year playing with Family Homeschool Baseball in our area. We have loved every minute of it. I know Jacob will be so sad to see it end, but even more excited when it rolls around again next year! He has been part of a wonderful team that thankfully includes his best friend. It has been fun for both Jacob and Brian. We absolutely love the organization and how Christian they are. Great experience all around!

Way to go Jacob and the Braves!!!

Jacob playing catcher!

Jacob and his best friend. May their friendship be blessed forever!

It looks like someone is having fun cheering his teammates on!
In the outfield - such concentration!!!

At bat!

Jacob and his proud Daddy!

Once again at bat.

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~ Judy ~ said...

We also have a Jacob who is also enjoying his baseball season very much!
Don't you just LOVE to be at that ball park on the weekends with all your Littles running around, cheering for their brother, and getting rosy cheeks and sticky hair from sweating?
Aaahhh, the simple pleasures in life.
Thanks for sharing your sweet family!
God bless each and all of you!