Saturday, May 16, 2009

Nine Patch A Day Quilt Along - Week 3

I can't tell you how much fun I am having pulling these nine patch squares together. It is very satisfying to stand there in front of my stash and choose some fabrics to make into one more or two more nine patches. Not all of them are my favorites. Not all of them incorporate memories from quilts I have made. They are all FUN! I am excited that all pulled together they will make a very fun, memorable and interesting quilt. is my installment for week three. I made one extra with my Bluebonnet/Texas wildflower fabric in there. That was a fun way to throw a little bit of my Texas heritage in there! Enjoy!

Oh and here are my Soiree rectangles all laid out to make my Stacked Coins Baby Quilt. Except it won't be for a baby! Unless that baby of course is little ol' me! I love this fabric WAY too much to part with it. I love everything Lila Tueller has produced so far. I will not part with my Woodland Bloom quilt either. AND I plan to buy her Santorini fabric when it comes out and do something spectacular with it and never let go of it either!

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mom-in-training said...

So cute! I am feeling like such a slacker... I still only have my two blocks. So how many am I behind now? 19 or so? Ugh. Maybe I can whip them all out on Friday? :)