Friday, May 29, 2009

Thank You Lila Tueller

Thanks to Lila Tueller's beautiful Woodland Bloom fabric (all of her fabrics are scrumptious) and not to my skill, I have another finished quilt which I adore. It is one of those things that I look at and feel happy just in doing so. I don't know if she would be at the show in Houston in October, but I would love to meet her!

Woodland Seasons Quilt

I had pinned this quilt last Friday and never got around to quilting it over the long weekend. I began working on it on Tuesday and finished quilting it last night. I also made the binding last night. That is so not like me. I am in the habit of making my binding before I even start the quilting process. It is all mental, but then I feel like there is no extra step between quilting and binding the quilt to completion. Anyway, I sewed on the binding this morning and then tossed the quilt in the washer/dryer. It came out so soft and crinkling and wonderful!

This is one of the biggest quilts I have quilted on my own machine. Even so, it was only 45" x 60". It is also the first bigger quilt I have quilted with the meandering/stippling type of free motion quilting that I have been enjoying so much. It was so much fun. It could be hard to manage all the fabric at times and so that made me mess up a little more often than normal. But then that is why I enjoy random free motion quilting so much. You never notice the mistakes!

I love my new quilt!

Now on to complete my other quilt using Lila Tueller's Soiree fabric.


Melissa said...

Celeste, this is so funny! I was just thinking about you while I was getting ready for work, specifically about your talent for quilting and how sweet I thought it was that Jacob helped you name your most recent creation. I decided to check in on you real quick and you've posted this!!! Your quilt is SO beautiful!!!

There's so much going on here right now. I'd love to write more but there's just so much to say and not enough time...I'll have to e-mail you soon! Hope you have a great weekend!

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mom-in-training said...

I may have to steal this one. Surely you wouldn't miss it. :)