Wednesday, May 06, 2009

What I learned last weekend

This past weekend was pretty normal as weekends go for us. We had baseball on Saturday morning, we had Mass scheduled and this Sunday was our parish's annual festival.

One thing was different.

We had an extra 2 year old in the mix. While some dear friends of ours went north of town for a wonderful marriage retreat, we kept their precious two year old daughter. I am sure we all wondered how it would go. It seemed all weekend that we were trying "five" on for size. It went beautifully. Of course if we were to be blessed with another child, it would not arrive as a two year old, but some things are even easier about a baby than a two year old!

I think the most important thing I learned this weekend is that "we can do it!" Not just have another child, but survive another child, be happy around the house with another child, be normal having another child. It is so easy for me to think too often how overwhelmed I feel or how tired I am or how difficult parts of our days can be. But I realized that so much of "surviving" is all about my attitude, my frame of mind and my heart - and yes, a little extra sleep would probably help. :) Having this sweet, sweet girl was a lot of fun. It made me want to do something like it again - allowing others, especially those who don't have family nearby, a night away. I came out of the weekend thinking that I don't want to allow myself to limit myself. The road I am thinking I should take is always the easier one in my mind's eye. But there is so much to be gained from stretching myself and requiring things of myself so that God can shape me further into who he desires me to be.

I am not sure I am making much sense, but I see it very clearly in my mind and heart.

What else did I learn?

Number One: Mikey is a ham!!!!! I think I already knew that one.

Number Two: I can have fun at a festival on a warm day with five children as long as I am not trapped under a small, stuffy, crowded tent with all five children and their food.

Number Three: I can eat tacos while being surrounded.

Number Four: Little girls don't care for much else at festivals if it isn't the stuffed animal booth or face painting or food.


Jill said...

I've enjoyed reading through your latest posts and catching up on your life!
I love the photos of the birthday party with all of the American Girl dolls!! I so wish we could have done a party like that for Aslynn, but there are no 'American Girls' here where I live. :)
Perhaps when we move back.

Your photos are all gorgeous. Your Easter cupcakes were beautiful and the bright pink cake with the flowers was amazing.

mom-in-training said...

It looks like you all had so much fun! And there is no doubt in my mind that should your family be blessed with another little one, you are more than qualified to handle it. :)