Sunday, May 31, 2009

Jacob's First Holy Communion

It is hard to believe that my first baby boy could have possibly made his First Holy Communion yesterday, but it is true. And it was a wonderful day!

He ordered breakfast burritos for his special day's breakfast and then after breakfast he opened his gift from Brian and I. It was fun because I don't think he was expecting a gift. We had wanted to give it to him before the Mass so that he could take it along and have Father bless it. We gave him a "real Bible"! It meant a lot to us to give him a Bible now. Not a Bible story book or children's version of the Bible, but a complete Catholic translation of the Bible. We wanted it to be the Bible he would begin pouring over now and carry with him all the way into his adult years. It was a lovely version of the NAB and we bought him a lovely case to carry it in. It was a wonderful find with an eagle on it (his favorite) and the passage from Isaiah about soaring on wings of eagles. He was so excited to open it. At some point after opening it, he picked it up to look at it again and he hugged it. Talk about melt your heart. I pray this will be a great beginning of a wonderful journey through Scripture and through life.

The rest of the morning was spent in a flurry of activity preparing ourselves for the Mass at one o'clock and the celebration afterwards at home. For several days I had been having very strong feelings that I had not done enough to prepare him for this Sacrament. Deep down I felt he was probably more prepared than a lot of children, but I will always wonder if I could have done more. I guess I have to rest in the fact that I planted the seed and the Lord will reap the harvest. And I know it is only the beginning of growing in his reception of the Body and Blood of Jesus. Even I know I do not receive Him anywhere near as perfectly as I could. May it be a blessed journey.

The Mass was lovely. Both of our priests and one of our deacons celebrated the Mass. Our family and friends were there to share in this special day. He was so genuinely excited to receive the Eucharist. He had been talking about it for weeks, months. As I knelt next to him before going up to communion, I remember saying things like, "it's almost time Jacob!" and "I can't believe it! It's really time to receive Jesus!" I was so excited myself. It was so emotional for me. Brian and I walked up directly behind him as a couple and I was tearing up all the way. What tears of joy! He received Jesus - Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity! I pray this will deepen my understanding and sense of wonder and awe as I receive the Eucharist in the future.

Jacob and our fantastic, lovable pastor, Father Skip

Jacob in front of the tabernacle after Mass.

Jacob and our beloved Father Benny, the parochial vicar of the parish.

After Mass, he had a wonderful dessert party at home with friends and family. On the menu were cake and sherbet punch, chocolate chip cookies, fudge and my dear friends incredible wonderful chocolate mousse.

He was worn out by day's end, but it was a good tired. During prayers that night he expressed thankfulness fore receiving his First Holy Communion and told Jesus he couldn't wait to receive his Second Holy Communion on Pentecost (today). What a blessing! What a wonderful time in his life! Thanks to all of you who prayed for him. Continue to pray for him, and all the children for that matter, that their faith may grow stronger day by day, month by month, year by year until Jesus comes to take them home at a ripe OLD age.


Laura said...

Congratulations to Jacob! A most GLORIOUS day and celebration! I pray Our Lord will always keep him close to His heart.

A dessert party. What a gread idea!

mom-in-training said...

What a beautiful post, Celeste. Congratulations, Jacob! I wish we could have been there to celebrate with you!


Jamie said...

Congratulations to your sweet boy! They are so sweet and innocent aren't they?

Jill said...

Congratulations, Jacob!
What a lovely day.

Kris said...

He looks so very happy! I'm glad his special day, was so wonderful!! But sorry we had to miss it.