Monday, September 21, 2009

A little field trip......or two

The kids and I with Catholic recording artist, Matt Maher.

His newest song, Alive Again (listen to my playlist), has been playing on our large Christian radio station here in Houston, KSBJ. They play quite a few of his other songs, too. It is so fantastic to hear an amazing Catholic on Christian radio. He is CATHOLIC! I mean, when we have been to concerts that are purely his, they usually have had adoration! This is how it was when Brian and I went to see him at the Catholic Charismatic Center a couple of weeks ago. Amazing.

Well, I had heard he was going to be in Houston again tonight for a special "private" concert. We haven't joined this "Movemeant" even though it sounds totally cool. Anyway, then I found out he was going to be at three different Lifeway stores across Houston today, before the concert, for what they call a "Street 'n Greet." One of the locations was at the Lifeway right near our home. I have been pondering all weekend whether I could put it in the schedule. I knew Jacob and Nicole would LOVE to go and meet him. They know all his songs. Could it be because their mommy plays his CDs so much? I have all five now! We went to the LifeTeen Mass last night at our parish (the kids have been asking to go) and they usually use several of his songs. Nicole knew that the sending song was one of his and she asked me quietly, "Is that Matt Maher singing up there?" Too cute.

And so........this morning I still wasn't sure I could fit it all in. And then as lessons progressed this morning, I had one who was crying at the least little thing and one who was grumpy and sleepy - you know how it goes. My first inclination was to say, "No way! I can't possibly take them to meet Matt Maher." But the Lord got the best of me and I decided it would be such a fun surprise for them. So we got through a little bit of school work and then I told them to get shoes on since we needed to go to the library and I had a surprise errand for them. I didn't tell them until we pulled up to the Lifeway who was inside. They were so excited! There was hardly anyone there!!!!! Perfect. We got to talk a bit. I bought a second CD so he could sign it for us (Brian pre-ordered it for me for my birthday). We got to take a picture too. It was very short, but very fun!

At the end the TicketServant/KSBJ man there asked if we would like to put our name in the drawing for a ticket to tonight's concert. He was so nice to us all. I agreed and put my name and phone number in the pot. He asked how many tickets we would want if we won. I said we'd like two thinking I could take Jacob since he loves all the Christian music soooo much. As we were walking to the car, I had this overwhelming feeling and this sense of confidence that we were going to win. I said a quiet prayer. Then I quietly wished I'd asked for three so that Nicole could go too. Oh, well.

Well..........around 11am a sweet lady from KSBJ called and said we had won the tickets!!!!! Thank you Lord! What a wonderful, yet small way, to show how even in frivolous things like this God can hear our prayers. Then the lady asked how many tickets I would like!!!!!!! Oh, wow! I asked if I could have three so I could bring my two oldest children. So, Jacob and Nicole and I are off across town tonight to the KSBJ studios to see a Matt Maher concert. I think it should be a really, neat personal event.

Praise God!

PS - If you would like me to send you my extra Matt Maher CD for free, leave me a comment telling me how often you will listen to it and what great care you will take with it! :)


Melissa said...

Oh, Celeste, what an AWESOME story! I love the way God works in small ways! Reading about your day just gave me chills...what a wonderful, wonderful day! And, I would totally love that CD, but it would be way too much to ask, especially considering that I completely missed your birthday this year! I am a horrible friend! I had been reminding myself for weeks that you had a birthday coming up, but did I actually write it down or remember in time? No. :( I'm so sorry. I've loved reading all your recent posts (it's SO nice to be catching up with you again!) and your birthday sounds like it was just fantastic! You are so blessed! Oh, I could just go on and on, but I've got to go decorate the cake for my own birthday boy. I think of you so often and wish I had time to write more now! Much love to you, and have lots and lots of fun with your precious kiddos tonight! I know you'll all have a GREAT time!!!

Blair said...

How awesome! I felt the same way about the contest for the tickets to his last concert...I just had this feeling I was going to win them!

Can't wait to hear about the concert! We have similar music taste. My current favs are the first two on your playlist :)

Anonymous said...


How wonderful! I can't wait to hear how much you and the kids enjoyed the concert. I'm sure Adrien will be a little jealous! I love Matt Maher's music, but he's the one who is just jazzed to the core when he hears Matt Maher on KSBJ. He would have loved to meet him today.

What a great story, just the pick-me-up that I needed tonight.