Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Time is what I discovered yesterday. Time allowed me through the Lord's immense blessing - somehow, for some reason. Yesterday morning I awoke fretting over not being able to fit in all the things I wanted to include in our Monday. Even though I woke early to pray I still felt frustrated and impatient with the time allotted for the day ahead. It was only breakfast and I could already feel my self tensing up over the fact that they were eating so S.L.O.W.L.Y. Aaaaah!

Like the loaves and fishes multiplied in abundance for the hungry people, my felt like it had multiplied without my ever asking. At 4:30 I sat with the children for tea time and marvelled to them about how much we had gotten done! Even though I doubted, we had had time for all our morning lessons, a trip to meet Matt Maher, a run to the library, lunch, scheduled Wii time, all of our afternoon reading (our Ginger Pye chapter was not short), baking cookies, tea time and a concert! How blessed I am and how foolish I am to doubt that our Lord could not do what I felt was impossible.


We had a wonderful time! The concert was fantastic. What a blessing to have won these tickets. I had been telling Brian how much I wanted to take Jacob and Nicole to a concert, but the right one had not presented itself yet. I thought about it quite often. This all fell together so beautifully - Matt Maher, small setting, free!

I think I read on KSBJ that it was a like a coffee house setting. That seems to be the perfect description. The room wasn't huge, but perfect. We went up to the KSBJ studios in Humble which was fun to see on its own. In the "auditorium" the lights were dimmed and there was neat lighting. There was an entrance area where you could help yourself to free snacks and drinks - talk about float the kids' boat! There was a table to join the Movemeant and then a KSBJ table. We got to meet two of the radio personalities who we listen to quite often. That was very fun for the kids. Susan O'Donnell, one of the morning show personalities, told the kids about some pillows on the floor in front of the stage. How perfect! They got to sit on the floor right in front of the small stage and I found one empty chair on the left end of the front row. I think all together there were about 150 people there. We were 20 feet or so away from him. It was so personal. Yet still the sound was super. He had the Robbie Seay band instead of his own and they did a fantastic job. All the songs he performed were from his new album, except for "Your Grace Is Enough." He did lots of talking and answered questions. It was a very fun atmosphere. It was fun to be up close and see Matt speak his heart. There were lines at the end for a special photo opportunity, but since we'd had our own personal family photo that morning, we didn't stay. We feel so blessed to have had the privilege to attend.

Here is a little bit of video I took. (PS - the other voice you can hear singing is Jacob)

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