Monday, September 07, 2009

quilting updates

My summer has been filled with many quilting "duties" - several swaps with deadlines and lots and lots of gifts. Baby quilts. Placemats for my mom. A bag for mother-in-law. A quilt for my sister. Bound burp cloths and receiving blankets. And other odds and ends for giving in the que. I haven't had much time for playing with my quilting stuff or working on my stuff. But, just the same, I have enjoyed pouring my quilting time into making special things for others. I love to use what I love to do to create for others.

Here are a couple of baby quilts I put together.

The pink butterfly quilt was made from half of a Butterfly Fling panel cut up and pieced with more Butterfly Fling and other fabrics. It's design is from my little head.

This bright boy quilt was fun to make. It is made using a pattern I bought online and downloaded - the Simply Modern Baby Quilt. I really loved making it and was trying to use these three Amy Schimler Forest Fun fabrics I had bought. Had I to do it again, I would have used less bright green, but oh, well. It is still a fun quilt.

I did take a little time this weekend to play with a "new" (to me) quilt block I saw online. I have been searching and searching for the perfect pattern or block to use with my purposefully collected stash of aquas and reds - I love these colors! Can you tell based in my flickr favorites??

my little stash

I saw this post on the Twin Fibers blog and then went to look at her inspiration here. I was sold. I had come across lots of possibilities for my aquas and reds, but this seemed the best of all. I couldn't wait to work on it.

So in between schooling today and preparing another quilt for quilting, I worked on my first block withe this adorable aqua and white polka dot fabric. I love how it turned out.

And here is my next set of cuts for another block. They are lots of fun to make and they turn out nice and big - I think about 11" or so.

Happy quilting!

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Jamie said...

Happy Birthday Celeste!!! So happy to share this day with you!

God bless are much younger if I'm remembering right though, right?