Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Little Flowers Girls' Club - First Meeting

My display for the Little Flowers Girls' Club

Well, what a lovely afternoon it was as we began our first Little Flowers meeting with a group of really sweet little girls. I was very interested in this girls' club as I read Jessica's blog and saw what their local group of girls was doing. I researched the organization that provides all the materials for the group, Ecce Homo Press. I put out an email to our local Catholic home school group to see if anyone was interested. Before I knew it, there was a lovely group of moms and girls forming and we were planning how and when to meet and ordering all our materials. Somehow I ended up kind of running the organizing of the group. Hmmmmm. Must have had to do with that initial email. I am so thrilled to be a part of this group and to have gotten such a lovely response from these families. We are all leading...leading our daughters to greater holiness and love of Jesus.

After meeting and discussing, it was decided that I would host the meetings at our home on the second Sunday of each month. I feel honored to open our new home for these gatherings. Each month one mom will lead the entire meeting - lesson, craft(s), games and or songs, snacks. I volunteered to lead the first meeting which would be an introduction to St. Therese, to the group and to the meaning of virtue. I came up with the idea for the display on my kitchen counter above. I think I will set that out each time and offered that whoever was leading could add to it for their saint/virtue lesson.

I served Little Flower sugar cookies, homemade chocolate hearts and pretty pink lemonade. All so pink and so girly!

The girls did two activities. The first thing they did was to construct a set of sacrifice beads for themselves. They learned about St. Therese and how her sister gave her similar beads to count as she made little sacrifices throughout the day for the love of Jesus. Therese said that she wanted to fill up her string for Jesus. The picture below shoes some of the little girls decorating pages to make their special pink binders beautiful. These binders will hold special papers and activities and prayers that they will accumulate over the meetings.

These are a few pages for their binders from the first meeting. I also gave them a St. Therese holy card as they left.

And of course here they are enjoying their "tea snacks." Such little ladies. You can see them wearing their blue sashes where they will earn flower petal patches as they complete activities for each saint/virtue.

Everything went so beautifully. I know Nicole is already looking forward to the next meeting in October and what we will learn about then. This club is such a lovely Catholic alternative to Girl Scouts and seems to me to be so feminine and sweet. Ladies of virtue and grace are in the making here!

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