Thursday, March 15, 2007

Sick of sick

Lo and behold, 4am rolled around this morning with Nicole throwing up in her bed. I guess she is not done with this virus yet. Poor girl!

I do not want to still be doing this today. I am fighting much discouragement with all this. It would be so easy to succumb. Please pray for me, for all of us.


Melissa said...

Hugs and prayers being sent your way, Celeste!

I remember that Dylan and Caitlyn were both sick when Meghan was born. Our first two mornings at home found Caitlyn throwing up in OUR bed! I was so afraid Meghan would get sick, too, but luckily, she never did.

One thing to keep in mind is that by breastfeeding, you are building such important immunities in Michael. You are doing the very best thing for him right now! I know it's so hard while you're right in the middle of it all, and I totally understand "sick of sick". I wish I could be there to lend a hand! And, I know it's terribly cliche, but "this, too, shall pass". Soon you'll all be well again, and you'll look back in amazement at how remarkably well you endured this very trying time! In the meantime, try to take it slow and easy and allow yourself--and your kids--time to heal and recover and really savor your precious "Little Glimmer of Sunshine"!

Much love to all of you!

He who wears the most black wins. said...

I second Melissa. I wish I could be there to help you, to rock the baby, clean up the vomit, or cook the dinner. Whatever way I could I help you, I would.

It will pass, though, and you WILL be so proud of yourself when you look back. Let Our Mother Mary comfort you. You need it, too.

Both Paxton and Ella got croup when Shepherd was about a week old. I remember it all too well as well.

Hang in and prayers are with you, friend.

Blair said...

Praying for you!

We also got a tummy bug when Ellie was born. Mary Clare was throwing up all over the car on the way to Ellie's baptism across town (at 7 days old). It was a really rough time. I feel the most discouraged and helpless when the girls are sick :(

Sorrowful Rosary mysteries today, Stations of the're right on with the Lenten theme!

I really hope you guys feel better very soon. Let me know if you still need help early next week and maybe I could come down that way (I have some other friends to visit there too.)