Wednesday, August 29, 2007

7 Habits of Highly Messy Children

1. Wipe hands with cheese from Cheetos, Doritos, Goldfish or other similar powdery cheesy snacks all over shirt and pants.

2. Over sprinkle your Parmesan cheese so that it unknowingly lands on the tile and then slip in it.

3. Cut, paste and create to your heart's delight and then leave little bits and blobs all over the kitchen table and floor while you go find something else to do.

4. Smear toothpaste in places Mom didn't know toothpaste could reach and "forget" to clean it up.

5. Come in from playing in the dirt and wash your feet in the bathroom sink....and around the bathroom sink, and across the kitchen floor and on the carpet.

6. Carry your plate that is really full of toast crumbs to the dishwasher perpendicular to the floor.

7. Eat very dark chocolate ice cream and enjoy it thoroughly, savoring every last drip.


Crafty Mom said...

Hey!! I thought it was only my kids that did those things???

mom-in-training said...

It's up to our children to keep us busy, afterall. And what better way than through endless mess-making. :)