Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The Summer of the Magic Tree House

What did Jacob do this summer?

Well, by the time summer is done, he will have read 36 of the 37 books in the Magic Tree House series. He has enjoyed these books like you wouldn't believe. They are fun and interesting adventures. A brother and sister, Jack and Annie, find a magical tree house that takes them to different times in history and places across the globe. Usually they have missions to complete. As they travel from place to place they learn about the history and/or location. They are wonderfully fun and make history engaging and interesting for young readers. Right now I am reading aloud Revolutionary War on Wednesday. Jacob literally devours them. We come home with 6 or 7 from the library and he reads them in two or so hours. Before our trip Brian picked up a few from the library and we had to make them off limits until he was in the car on the road. Otherwise, he would have devoured those too.

The books are great for young readers as their skills develop. The chapters are short enough that they also make wonderful bedtime read alouds. As Jacob began reading, we found a passport activity on the Magic Tree House website. We downloaded and printed the passport booklet and glued it all together. Then, as Jacob completes the books, he goes to the website and answers three short comprehension questions for each book. If he gets them right, he gets to print off a "passport stamp" and he glues it in the booklet. If he gets a question wrong, I make him reread the book. He has so enjoyed this activity! It is great fun.

I am hopeful we can revisit these books many times. There are many we can use in the next years as we study American history. I am sure Jacob will not mind a reread here and there. If you check any out, I hope your children enjoy them as much as we are.

P.S. Thanks Kris for sending Jacob his first Magic Tree House book ever!


Mom of boys said...

These books have been wonderful! We are only through four of them, but Brennan loves reading them. Well, they still fall under his "too many words on the page" category, so we switch back and forth - I read a paragraph, then he reads a paragraph.

Thanks for linking the passport activity!

mom-in-training said...

I can't wait until Alex can read them. Those books sound wonderful!!!

Crafty Mom said...

Well now you made my day. I am so glad that he enjoyed the small gift.

We have the first one here, but I am waiting to read it to Katie later in the year. She spent her summer devouring Junie B. Jones, which are totally mindless, but at least good reading practice.

P.S.: Alpha-phonics works!! How do I know?? She could read the sign at Chick-Fil-A that said Eat Mor Chikin.