Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Gail Gibbons Rocks!!!

OK! I love Gail Gibbons! She is a super duper children's non-fiction author and illustrator. I can spot her books on a shelf or in a pile a mile away. I want to read every book she has ever written. I get her books off the shelf at the library just because I like them, not because we are studying the particular subject of the book. I love these books!

We own Cats, Marshes and Swamps and as of today, The Pumpkin Book. From the library we have Sharks and Soaring With the Wind - The Bald Eagle.

After I bought the one about pumpkins today, I thought I would see if she had a website listing all her books. Sure enough I found it! Not only did I find a listing of her books, I also found a nifty 24 page downloadable Teacher Guide to use with some of her books. I printed it off to file and use this year! What a find!

Someday, I want to order this one when it comes out in paperback! Soon I hope!

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