Monday, August 20, 2007

Where is your friend when you need her?????

How about Ohio!!!!!!

Once upon a time, about 2 years ago, when hurricane Rita was heading our way, Kris rescued me.

I was at Wal-Mart buying hurricane supplies. I had a huge cart overloaded with two hundred plus dollars of said supplies. I had three cranky, tired children. I was pretty cranky and tired myself.

My purchases had been rung up. And one credit card wouldn't work! Over and over. It still wouldn't work. I had a debit card, but we had forgotten the PIN number long ago. I don't carry a checkbook with me. And of course, I did not have that much cash. They had to move me to another line and ring up my supplies again. I was not wanting to part with my supplies - they were hard to come by! It still wouldn't work! The credit card company was not much help. It wasn't our fault. They had suspended its use because of a possibly questionable transaction. OK. Fair enough, but it wasn't helping me now.

I was about to give up. I couldn't get a hold of anybody to help. As much I hated to abandon my supplies, I would have to. Just as I was about to sit down on the floor next to my fussy children and cry along, in walked Kris. And along with Kris came her credit card. She was so generously willing to pay for my stuff and send me home. What a blessing! What a lifesaver!

I remembered this incident on Saturday as I shopped at Target for hurricane supplies once again. (Probably no hurricane this time, but we did need a few things just in case.) As I rounded the last corner to grab a couple of pizzas for dinner, my cell phone rang. It was Brian, informing me that I had no wallet. I was tired. I felt like crying. Even though I have my card number and date memorized, they needed the card. They held my purchases and Brian had to come back later.

No Kris this time. I guess Ohio was a bit too far to come!

What did I learn?

Someone else can shop for hurricane supplies next time!

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Crafty Mom said...

Sorry I couldn't be there this time, but boy are you on a roll for making me feel good lately. Just when I have been feeling very frustrated!

You have excellent timing, are a wonderful friend, and I will always do anything for you. Us moms and hurricane fighters have to stick together.

Hopefully someday soon, we will be back to evacuating with you, and joining you at the Happy Meal Shaped McDonald's once more. Just kidding of course.

Glad everything looks like it will avoid you. We could desperately use a little of your rain though. Not a drop in forever, and our grass is brown, our trees our brown and dropping leaves. I need to go rake like it is fall here, but it is too hot to rake.

How about those quilt directions now?