Wednesday, August 22, 2007

THSC Homeschool Conference

Last Friday, Brian and I and the children set off early in the morning to this wonderful conference. Closely behind in their own minivan followed that crazy family that lives across the street from us! (he he he) Neither of us had ever been to this particular conference before. Robin and I had attended another conference that is held in June every year. We have gone to see the vendors there and enjoyed it. But I don't think I was prepared to be as impressed by this conference as I was.

We arrived on time and the guys let Robin and I (and Michael) head on inside for the first talk of the day! The conference was hosted at the lovely Woodlands Waterway Marriott. It was a beautiful hotel. We got top floor rooms with an adjoining door! What fun! The talks we attended were inspiring and well done. These gifted Christian homeschoolers have so much to offer! The selection of vendors in the exhibit hall was more extensive than at any other conference I have been to. I was thrilled! The guys spent the morning entertaining the kids while Robin and I attended talks and shopped.

It was a little mini vacation. We had fun at the conference. We also had lots of fun wandering around this part of the Woodlands and eating! Lots of fun! I wish we could have stayed longer.

I bought several things.

Artistic Pursuits

I had been considering this art program and was blessed to spend some time at the conference speaking with the lady who created it. She explained it very well. I am excited about it. It is a wonderful combination of art appreciation, art instruction and creation. I also bought some of the art supplies we did not already own over at the booth for Miller Pads and Paper.

Music Appreciation

I had seen this Great Composers series of books in the Emmanuel Books catalog. After looking at them first hand, I loved them. I bought two of them to read out loud this year - Mozart and Bach.

Other Stuff

I bought Jacob a Hank the Cowdog book (first one in the series) for his first day of school gift. I found a few more of the Little House series used and snapped up those. I also purchased the third packet of figures for the wonderful timeline we are going to begin.

We had such a wonderful time and we look forward to a repeat next summer!

OK, Robin. Your turn. I want to hear your side of the story.


Melissa said...

Okay, I am soooooo jealous! Not ONLY of the great homeschooling conference you had the enormous pleasure of attending, but ALSO of the fact that you got to do so with one of your very best friends! How fun is that?! You two are so lucky. I want to live there, too! It looks like you all had a GREAT time. I loved reading about it all, and I LOVED the photos! Too cute!!!

And also: we love Gail Gibbons too! We already have some of the books you mentioned (I love the Pumpkin Book!) but now I really want that Thanksgiving book! I've always thought it would be so awesome to own all of them, but oh my gosh, it would cost a small fortune!

Thanks for providing the link to those cool lesson guides. I see some that we'll be able to use!

Hope you are enjoying your week, I sure loved hearing about your weekend! :)

mom-in-training said...

Okay - I did it! And I just realized that we both put pictures of the trolley on our slideshow. I guess we both really liked it. :)