Monday, August 06, 2007

The Feast of the Transfiguration

Today is the great Feast of the Transfiguration (even though last night and this morning I thought it was on Tuesday). I had my craft all planned out to do today since we weren't going to be around to do it tomorrow. So we sat down to discuss the feast and work on our craft and I told them it was tomorrow, etc. Then after we were done I got on the computer and, lo and behold, the feast IS today! All is well that ends well.

“This is my chosen Son; listen to him.”

Luke 9:35 from today's Gospel

I love these words. God spoke from the cloud that enveloped Jesus and Moses and Elijah. He tells Peter, James and John to listen to Jesus. The children and I were talking about how these words in Scripture weren't meant for just these three Apostles. The were recorded so that we might here these words and listen as well. I can't think of anything that might help me more in my day to day struggles in the little things of life. If only I would just LISTEN! It is so easy for me to talk a mile a minute to my friends and family and I really have to think about listening to them. And so it goes with Jesus. I am so busy talking to Him and I spend far too little time listening to Him. So my motto today is "button it up and listen!"

The kids had a great time with their craft, as you can see. It is really fun to be able to include Andrew in our projects at a greater level. He is able to do more than just sit there and scribble now. It is fun. he still requires lots of help, but it is a wonderful thing to watch his joy as he creates. I printed off the picture of Jesus and had the kids color him as we read. Then we cut around the outline and glued it to some blue paper. The children loved the last part. They painted a thin layer of glue all over Jesus and then sprinkled clear glitter all over him. He really does shine like the Gospel says. I bought this glitter last spring and I really love it. Most glitter is so fine and powdery. This one is bigger and easy to use. I love all the colors. I recommend it!


He who wears the most black wins. said...

So wonderful.

Melissa said...

How awesome! I printed out some coloring pages from this morning and we're going to color them after lunch. They include a short paragraph about the Feast of the Transfiguration, but we're also going to read about it in Tomie dePaola's Book of Bible Stories (I found a used copy this weekend and I am so happy!)

I love your idea of using clear glitter! I acutally have some up in our craft box and I think my kids would LOVE that extra touch.

And I just love how the timing worked out right for you, after all! A blessed day to you, friend!

Jill said...

This is a real-life example of the question I just asked on my blog! Perfect! Thanks for sharing your lovely creations and your thoughts.

Laura W. said...

I'm a first time reader of you blog, and love it! (I found you via Danielle Bean's site). I have 5 boys and 1 girl (my oldest is 10yrs...) I will be back!

Marie said...

My daughter adores doing crafts, and we'll be doing this tomorrow! Thanks.

jenny in london said...

this looks like a very usable activity. thank you so much for it.