Friday, June 12, 2009

And after the preformance

Well, the Informal Demonstration (as it is properly called) was fantastic! Nicole did beautifully on both her tap and her ballet and not a misstep at all on her ballet. She was quite the ballerina. The boys were good as gold even though 8 1/2 year old Jacob was less interested than he might have been in younger years (ugh, all that girly stuff!).

It was a treat to see all the different levels of performers, from youngest to oldest, as well as the different styles - ballet, jazz, tap. As I sat and watched all the other dances, especially the older girls, I couldn't help think what it would be like if Nicole continues dancing and was like one of the older girls. Their dances were impressive! Such talent and grace. I love the fact that this type of dance requires so much commitment and discipline and hard work. There are a lot of great lessons to be learned in that. We are blessed to belong to an organization that, while not Christian, has quite a number Christian and Catholic and home school dancers. Nicole is really looking forward to next fall. We could have done a class over the summer, but with the busy year we had, we needed the summer to rest a bit.

Here she is (makeup and all) holding her beautiful pink carnations from her daddy!

The Princess

And here she is looking very pleased that I removed her fake eyelashes before the drive home!

We love you, Nicole. You have worked hard all year. You have grown and changed and learned so much! Congratulations on a beautiful performance!

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