Friday, June 12, 2009

Mini Quilt Friday?

I hope they don't throw me out of the Flickr pool. My mini quilts don't seem to be happening on Mondays. Monday is just not the best day to make a quilt most weeks. I hope that it's the spirit of it all that counts.

Anyway, here is a mini quilt I started a couple of days ago. I had this one fat quarter of fabric I loved! I wasn't crazy about the other fabrics in the Proud line, but this one kept catching my eye at a local quilt shop. I really wanted to showcase this fabric in a lovely way and, of course, save a few squares for some nine patches. I was drawn to this grayish blue mini quilt in this post and wanted to do something equally as simple, yet not a complete copy.

I bought some green fabric at JoAnn's last Thursday and some matching green thread. Perfect. I think I drew out the design on paper and made measurements on Monday (at least that part was on the right day). Then I cut it out and pieced the front and most of the back while a friend was here on Wednesday. Then I finished piecing the back, pinned, quilted and finished it today. I love it!

The back to my quilt ended up being more pieced than I originally intended. I had made the back and then realized I was short on my green binding by about 25" due to a cutting mistake. I really wanted to do the green binding and I didn't want to go back and buy more fabric. So I kept cutting into the back and adding rows until I squeezed out enough green to make the biding long enough. In the end, I think it turned out pretty fun.

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