Saturday, June 20, 2009

Quilting Updates

Last night some of my wonderful friends (who also happen to be fantastic quilters and crafters) gathered at my house for a quilting night. We love these nights so much. I think Robin had hosted the last monthly night and I was ready for a turn at my house. It is such a fun time whether you get lots done or just come and talk. We laugh a lot.

Last night we seemed to be rather productive. One dear sweet friend made lovely progress on some cross-stitch she has been working on. Maybe after she has her baby we can give her the quilting bug as well. :)) Another friend brought her sweet baby girl along and because she was such a good girl, her mama got lots of progress made on a St. Patrick's day quilt. She and I also managed to make plans for a quick Saturday trip to a local quilt shop. The newest quilter in the bunch finished a precious baby quilt (with a companion doll quilt for big sister) just in time for a Baptism today AND made a vacation bag for her daughter! And last but not least another friend made some great progress on a quilt for her daughter.

And me? Well, I talked way too much, but what's new?

I did complete another mini quilt.

I had bought the blue polka dot and the orange fabric fat quarters at a local shop the other day and I brought in some other fabrics from my stash to make this little summer mini. So bright and cheerful. It reminds me of the great big smile of the person I am going to give it to!

Another pieced back on a mini quilt what fun! I also didn't have enought orange to finish out the binding so I added in a little yellow! I think I like it! Character, right?

In other quilting news:

I finished this quilt during the past week. I have had the top and the back finished for a while. I was waiting for a coupon so I could go buy more batting. I quilted and finished it this week. It is lovely. I quilted it with the most beautiful purple variegated thread from Connecting Threads. Perfect! This quilt was a gift to a dear friend for her birthday. In July. I gave her the choice to either wait till July or receive her gift last night while she was over to quilt. She so wisely chose NOT to wait! :)) I think she liked it. It is the perfect colors for her!

I love the back. I am really enjoying pieced backings when they happen. I don't think I was planning to piece this one. I had the charm packs to make the pinwheels. Since it was an older Moda fabric I had to order extra yardage off ebay. I didn't quite order enough for the border, backing and binding. So the result? Some creative piecing.

The following quilt I finished back in January, but in all my moving frenzy, I forgot to photograph it before giving it away at a baby shower. Luckily my friend brought it with her last night so I could take a photo. This one is so bright and cheery and girly! I hope the sweet baby girl receiving this quilt will enjoy it for years to come.

Well, my friend and I did make it to the quilt shop this morning and we made some wonderful purchases. I haven't had a chance to pull them out of the bag, but when I feel rested and relaxed tomorrow, I will pull them out and take a few pics!

Have a blessed Sunday and a Happy Father's Day!

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Crafty Mom said...

And now I have all the rows done, and have to put them all together. So exciting! I can't wait to start the butterflies and flowers.

Also, I saw that blue polka dot on Saturday, when the kids and I were out shopping. So tempted to buy, but I restrained myself.