Saturday, March 29, 2008

Brand Loyalty

I am amazed by how brand loyal my family is! It is downright embarrassing.

Would you believe that we could be so snobbish as to snub Wal-Mart store brand products in favor of Kroger store brand products? I tell you. The horror!


I am a Kroger shopper. After years of comparison shopping, I have decided that you just don't get better prices, selection and savings anywhere else. Some may disagree. That's OK. (Of course, I secretly wish we had Trader Joe's - is that it?)

Kroger brand "Diet Coke" has a much better aftertaste than the Wal-Mart brand.

Kroger economy sandwich bread - way better!

Kroger brand OJ in the jumbo jug? Nicole won't have it any other way.

And the kicker. I had bought pizza sauce and cheese at Wal-Mart last Saturday to do that night's pizza and tonight's. I used our same super homemade crust, but Wal-Mart ingredients. Who would notice - right? Well, it didn't pass on our little Kroger loyalists. None of the kids would eat their pizza. They usually devour it! So I guess I will have to donate that pizza sauce and use the cheese elsewhere. This morning I bought the good ole Kroger brand.

Thank you Kroger! We love you.

Aren't we just plain weird?

(P.S. It's OK Wal-Mart. I still like you for many reasons.)


Blair said...

Send the Wal-Mart stuff our way, LOL! We love Wal-Mart brand ;)

Crafty Mom said...

That's okay. I love walmart and kroger both. Thankfully, Ohio had both. But I never skimp when buying cheese. Nothing is ever the same as Kraft or Sargento.
We all have our quirks.