Sunday, March 30, 2008

Pounds and pounds

Life has been a bit busy lately as I am sure you could most likely agree. But I so did not want to neglect blogging about the fun adventure we had on Good Friday morning. How fun? Well, so much that Jacob exclaimed, "I think this is about the BEST Friday I have ever had." All right. All right. So what was so much fun?

We went strawberry picking!

There's a family farm in a neighboring town. It has been there since the 1930's and even though I have lived in the area all my life, I had never been before. Brian had heard from his manager at work that he had taken the family strawberry picking at the farm and really enjoyed it. Since Brian was home, we packed everyone up and headed out.

There were fields full of rows and rows and rows of berry plants.

They gave us our buckets and we filled up four to the brim! It was addictive - you just couldn't stop picking. Every time I thought I had enough and had told myself I was going to stop, I saw about 20 more beautifully perfect strawberries. Finally, we headed back to the weighing station. I think the lady told Brian, "Wow. You got a lot of strawberries." But they were only a $1.25 a pound! What a steal!!!!!! And they were perfect!!!! This was no half decent one pound carton for $3!

Well, it was a lot of strawberries. 17 pounds to be exact. But not one was wasted.

So what did we do with all them strawberries?

-we ate a bunch
-I froze 2 freezer bags full after I washed them and cut the tops off
-we made fruit salad for Easter Sunday
-we used some in smoothies
-and......the best of all......I made one absolutely delectable fresh strawberry pie - YUM!

And now I have told every friend I have about the fun time they too can have. I better get back out there before they pick all my strawberries!


Jill said...

Is it summer where you live!?
Wow, looks like a great day. Lovely photos, and I love hearing about all of the yummy things you made with them.
This makes me chuckle a little, because I think it sounds like SO much fun now. But, growing up it was one of my jobs to pick strawberries from the garden all summer. My sister and I did not think it was too much fun to be out in the hot sun on our knees trying to pick berries all the time. :) But, the berries were always worth it!

He who wears the most black wins. said...

Oh man, that is so much fun! We take the kids (we have to drive about two hours) every year and they have SO much fun. Their tummies are usually full from sneaking strawberries in their mouths when we aren't looking. ;)

What a beautiful family you have, Celeste. :)

Blair said...

Wow, where's the pickin' at?