Sunday, March 02, 2008

Still in love

Twelve years ago today, Brian took me on our first date. How can that be? So long ago? And yet there are so many, many details as fresh in my memory as they were the day after they occurred.

I knew he was a special guy - no, more than that - an incredible guy!

I am so glad he asked me out (and still does). I am so glad he chose me (and still does). I am so thankful he loved me (and still does).

As we enjoyed our lunch out alone today, we talked of the past. I asked him, "What was it that made you want to choose me?" At that point in my short 20 year life, I had not had many suitors knocking down my door. Any? His answers I had heard before, but it is so much fun to remember. Today I told him something I hadn't really thought in a long time. I told Brian, "I always did wonder why no other guy could see those qualities in me. Why could you see them?" I decided that it was because he was meant to see those wonderful things about me and I was meant to see all the good in him. It was no accident. And maybe, just maybe, God kept everyone else from seeing those things so I wouldn't waste too much of my time and energy on "the wrong guy".

However it all came to be, I am thankful. I love you so very much, Brian. Thank you for loving me.

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Melissa said...

Oh, Celeste, what a sweet post, and what loving reflections! You are both so blessed! I've been thinking of you so much lately...I keep telling myself I need to just sit down and write you a nice long e-mail! I hope you and Brian enjoyed your special day. I think it's awesome that you still celebrate the occasion of your first date. It's what started this wonderful journey that you're enjoying today!