Friday, March 14, 2008

Lazy Friday

Normally we don't do schoolwork on Fridays, but we almost always have co-op. We enjoy it, but it is so nice to have a Friday free every once in a while with nothing planned. No urgent errands to run, nothing to go see, no holiday celebration. Just a Friday to just be.

I have been sick for a couple of days with a cold - mild fever, congestion, you know the sort - and today Michael has a fever. Maybe that is making it a little extra relaxing. Because of illness we are, in a way, "forced" to be at home and not running.

While Michael took a shorter than normal (I had hoped for more) nap this morning, Jacob occupied himself with reading, Andrew and Nicole were making a tent and I was finishing a little hand craft I started last night.

I thought up this little design last night while I was feeding Michael to sleep (so much of my thought happens in the glider). I had the supplies necessary and after a little browsing on the Internet I was ready to work a bit on some wool felt crafts that I had been wanting to do for a while. I had bought a kit at a quilt show a couple of years back from this lady and have yet to get around to it. I think I have been a bit afraid to mess it up - it is so lovely. I had also bought a little pin cushion pattern to practice on. I thought I had finished it and given it away, but much to my surprise I found it, unfinished, in my box of embroidery floss. Now I realized why it didn't get finished - no stuffing. Around 9:30 I began the little heart craft above. By 11:15 or so I had finished the heart and all the leaves (Not the entire time was sewing - it also included, chores, shower, etc.). While Michael slept this morning, I stitched the two blue circles together and ta-da, I was done! It really goes very quickly.

I made this heart design with some ordinary craft store felt that I had on hand, but I much prefer the wool felt. It is such a beautiful quality and just a hair softer. But this was great for practice and fun.

I really love the forgiving way of the blanket stitch. It is not meant to look perfect and uniform, at least not for this type of project. I am sure there are instances where it would be better to have it as perfect as possible. I found this lovely site that had wonderful embroidery stitch tutorials. I needed to brush up on my starting and stopping, as well as a couple of other stitches. Her "Stitch School" is in the right had sidebar. So very helpful!

I really enjoyed making this little piece. I think I see more in my future.

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