Tuesday, March 04, 2008

The Rice Box

I had seen the idea of the "rice box" over at Meredith's blog and loved it! She has gotten me very interested in the idea of Montessori. I would love to incorporate some Montessori into our daily learning. To this end I am perusing the lovely websites that Meredith recommends and I have checked out some basic books from the library. How exciting! How rich!

Andrew loved the rice box! He spent an hour and a half playing with it yesterday! As I type, he is outside on the play set with it. What a delight to watch him explore and learn. Yes, I vacuumed a good bit of rice yesterday, but it was worth it. And, hey, it's much better cleaning up dry rice than cooked!


Crafty Mom said...

Dried beans, cotton balls are all good things too.

Jill said...

We did noodles yesterday.

Love that adorable last picture. That's the smile Aslynn likes to give me!