Sunday, March 02, 2008

The Christmas Box

My dear friend, Michele, hosted the Bloggy Book Club for February. Her book choice was The Christmas Box by Evans. It was a wonderful little read. Easy and delightful. Heartwarming and thought-provoking. I do not have lots of profound things to say concerning the book's effect on my heart and mind. I simply offer the following.

At the end of my days here on this earth, I am sure I will not wish that....

...I had spent more time on the computer.
...I had model home inspired decor left unmarred by little fingers.
...I had mopped a little more each week and rescued those dust bunnies from under the bed.
...I had had more me time for personal interests.
...I had spent more hours planning out elaborate lessons and projects for the children.
...I had checked every item off my to-do list.

And, I do not want to find myself wishing I had only....

...colored one more picture or played one more game. more books to eager listeners.
...made more mess in the kitchen baking yummy treats.
...gotten dirty in the yard digging and picking wildflowers.
...spent a few more minutes listening to the bedtime thoughts of little minds.
...given more hugs and kisses.
...worried less about the little things.

Oh, God, help me to focus this Lent, to order my priorities, to bring me back around as I stray. Give me grace to see, like the blind man in the Gospel, the reality right in front of me. Change me, dear God.

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