Tuesday, September 09, 2008

"30 days of nothing" - Day 9

OK. I guess it wasn't quite a "nothing" day since I did receive a Wii for my birthday. But aside from a lovely new set of salad tongs (so much appreciated), a small cake, and a great bottle of wine, that's it.

We have enjoyed our new Wii so much today. We have never owned a video game console. We own a few computer learning games and play some online games, but not much else. So this is a big step for us. I have never been too keen on having a game console, but I really love the Wii. We have been playing and jumping and boxing and laughing and sharing all day. I know the amount of physical action depends some on the game you get, but just the same it is a lot of fun! And besides the price of the games will limit how many and what kinds we get anyway!

So, even with my birthday gift I am proud to see there was still no frivolous, thoughtless spending. Yeah! I love this!

Hope your Wednesday is blessed!


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