Sunday, September 07, 2008

"30 days of nothing" - days 6 and 7 AND 8

Well, day 6 (Saturday) was good as far as nothingness. Brian was gone all day and we met him for Saturday evening vigil Mass. Neither of us spent anything during that time and I finished my birthday gift for my sister. After Mass, Brian stayed home and fed the kids, while I went to the grocery store for our week's supply. I spent $30 under my budgeted weekly grocery amount and some necessary money on diapers. That's it!

Yesterday, we stayed home. I did a little yard work which consisted of ripping two very large plants out of the ground! No cost involved - right? Well........ I got rid of my Jasmine, which I loved. But it was horribly infested with white fly which then produces sooty mold. I could have sprayed, but it was bad and I am not fond of insecticides on plants where my children do so much playing. Then I had to get rid of my monster pink Hibiscus. I was almost positive it was infested with mealy bug. I battled mealy bug when we were in our apartment the first year. I remember reading that they are hard to get rid of and most of the time the best way to get rid of the bugs is to get rid of the plant(s). Since we were moving, I knew I could bring the little pests along where they would spread, so I chucked them. Over the past two weeks I have watched these white masses develop on my hibiscus and I was suspicious. Somehow a search surprisingly led me to a disease that has made it's way to Texas called "Pink Hibiscus Mealy Bug." Hey, wait! I have a pink Hibiscus! So up it came and out with the trash today. Actually, I like how it looks now. They were big growers and hard to tame. Now my bed near the house looks a little more manicured and a little less wild. And, of course, now you can see I have a big hole! That's where the money may come in! But I can always wait till October when the weather cools off.

My hard work. Thankfully it was a delightfully cool morning (for Houston, at least).

The giant root ball of the Pink Hibiscus - bye bye.

And the notorious little pests - Mealy and Family

But, really, I only spent $6 on Sunday for 4 snow cones for me and the kids. It was a much promised reward for all the hard work they've done on their daily list of jobs. Great work kids.

Day 8 (today) and again we have spent nothing. We have been home all day schooling, celebrating Mary, playing and baking peanut butter cookies for Mary's special day (and some for the freezer for tea times). Now there may be a little money spent since my husband is doing some "errands" this evening before someone's birthday. Hmmmm.

We have had a lovely day. Some much was accomplished - spiritual, mental, behavioral and all around.

Please be praying for all of us in the area as Ike gets closer and the need to get out becomes more of a possibility.

I leave you a few photos of our contributions to Mary's birthday.

And, yes. Those ARE blue pancakes - in Mary's honor of course!

Hail Holy Queen!
Prayers and blessings,

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