Monday, September 08, 2008

Our School Year Ahead: Second Grade and Kindergarten

Here is what we have planned for our school year. It is my first year to "officially" teach two children. So far I am pleased, but I will continue to monitor our progress so that it doesn't get to be too much. Less can be better.

Jacob - Second Grade

Read and narrate/discuss from Saints for Young Readers daily
Faith and Life 2 and Workbook (we may cut the workbook)
Continue memorizing questions from the First Communion Catechism (Nicole knows all these too)
Weekly readings from the Old Testament in the Catholic Children's Bible and The Life of Our Lord for Children

Horizons 2

D'Nealian 2 for handwriting practice and learning cursive later in the year
Copywork and creative writing assignments from Sonlight.

Language Arts
CHC Spelling B
CHC Language of God A
MCP Phonics C (per Sonlight LA)
Read Alouds (per Sonlight LA)

Nicole - Kindergarten

Read and narrate twice a week from Lovasik saint books - all girl saints and women of the Bible, of course!

Horizons K

Handwriting Without Tears K
Copywork and creative writing assignments from Sonlight.

Language Arts
Sonlight Beginning to Read - this includes learning to spell the words she is reading, Explode the Code 1 and 2, Sonlight Readers and phonics activities in the plans from Sonlight. Wonderful! And she is doing beautifully! She loves it!

Jacob and Nicole - at differing levels

Sonlight Core 1

Read Alouds per Sonlight
Bedtime reading from different classics (right now it's Little House in the Big Woods)
Greek myth weekly
Fairy Tale weekly
Poetry study weekly

Nature study/drawing once a week
Discovering Insects (current study)
Discovering Birds (spring)
Science Through Children's Literature Units (fall/winter)

Music study weekly

Artistic Pursuits Book 2 (we did Book 1 last year and adored it!)
Picture Study weekly with our tea time

It seems like a lot, but really it is a lot of reading aloud and so many things are only done once a week or in short snippets. We are big readers! So far it seems to fit us, but I am always willing to wiggle it around if need be. One of the new found inner freedoms I am allowing myself to follow goes way against my obsessive compulsive/perfectionist tendencies. Did you know that I DO NOT have to make him finish every math problem on the page or do every line of handwriting practice? WOW! Did you know that if I think he has done a huge amount of writing already that we could actually do a phonics page aloud or I could help him by writing it while he tells me the answers? WOW! You see, I knew/know these things but sometimes in my homeschooling I follow the "clean your plate" kind of mentality! No longer! What freedom. They are great kids. They are bright. They are working hard. And to belabor something just for the sake of doing it saps every bit of enjoyment out of the learning! I AM slow, but I do get it - eventually!

Happy homeschooling and may your year be blessed abundantly!

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Luke said...

Sounds great. And I think it is probably good to let go of those perfectionistic tendencies. I should probably do that from time to time as well [smile].

May this year continue to be a joy.