Tuesday, September 02, 2008

"30 Days of Nothing" - Day1 and Day 2

I am signing in a day late and hopefully, by the end of the month, many dollars saved, not short. We are going to attempt this little "30 days of nothing" challenge that I heard about from my blogging friend Laura. For the month of September, we are making more of a conscious effort to be more frugal and do with less. The rules are simple and here is how we will play along, a.k.a. "our rules".

1. No eating out. It is so easy for this to get out of hand, but I know we can do without it! This also means I have to make an extra effort to make sure Brian has his lunch in his bag ready to go in the morning, even if it's PBJ.

2. Keep my grocery budget down, down, down. For me that means staying within my budget for the weekly trip and cutting out the extras. The money I allot for groceries is so reasonable, but it is so easy to pick up those extra, unneeded convenience foods.

3. Eat ice cream only on Friday, Saturday and/or Sunday nights - no weeknights. This will help with number two. If you don't eat the ice cream it is amazing how much longer it lasts. Also, we must stick with the cheaper ice cream for the most part. We like it fine.

4. No book buying, except for any necessary school items. We have a lovely library and so much on our shelves to read. And I probably don't need anything for school.

5. No extra silly, frivolous, or completely unnecessary purchases. The $5 DVD at Wal-Mart, beautiful quilting fabric (I already have so much), unnecessary clothing for me or children, stuff for the house, etc.

I hope to post daily as to our progress. We'll see. At least I don't have to think to hard to do these posts. Ouch!

Yesterday, Day 1, was great. We stayed home for most of Labor Day and Brian worked around the house. And then we went to Brian's parents for a nice free grilled burger dinner. I only spent $29 for some fabric for a birthday present project and the leftovers for Nicole.

Today, Day2, we went with my sister for a free outing, ate at home all day and took Nicole to ballet this afternoon. We had toast for breakfast, mac-n-cheese for lunch and one of my freezer meals for dinner. After the kids were in bed I went to a friends house to pick up a school book she ordered for me and I paid her $12. It was necessary.

Wish us luck.

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Anonymous said...

Welcome aboard; I wish you luck and consistent good choices. I need both too! Your "nothing" to-do list looks like mine - well it would if I wrote it down. :-)