Monday, June 25, 2007

Growing Up

Melissa said something in her post today that I thought about tonight. She spoke about her son growing up so fast. She also talked about spending more time with them as they grow up and out of that baby stage to being older kids.

Tonight I made my weekly Monday evening trip to Kroger. Most of the time Robin and I go together. Sometimes one of the kids goes along, especially if it's just me. Tonight I was on my own and I decided to take Jacob along. He's been wanting to go with me.

As we drove and talked and walked and talked and pushed the cart and talked and shopped and talked (he's a talker like his mother), I was reminded what a fantastic boy he has become. It seems only yesterday he was born. Then he turned into a bright, curious toddler. Before I knew it he had become a little boy. Most recently he has become a boy. All six years and 62 pounds of him. One day not too long ago, I recall noticing that he wasn't a little boy anymore, but a boy. Wow - when did that happen? Overnight it seems. When I wasn't watching. And he is a really cool boy.

So like Melissa noted, I am going to focus on enjoying these little people right where they are. Not wishing for the past or hoping for the future. Tonight I spent our time together enjoying the boy that Jacob has become.


Karen E. said...

That's so sweet. That one-on-one time can be so special.

mom-in-training said...

I was just thinking "That's so sweet" as I went to post my comment and saw that Karen had commented those exact words. :)

I'm so glad you and Jacob got to have that time together. He really is growing up into quite a little man. But then again, I can still remember him on his first birthday and I was so amazed by what he could do. He has always seemed older than his years to me. He's just so advanced (not to mention super smart :) ). Continue to take every moment to enjoy him, as well as each of your kids. They do grow fast... too fast. I know I need to work on having more one-on-one time with my kids as well. That's really treasured time!

Miss you dear friend. I am sooo looking forward to our quilting/coffee night. The sooner the better! :)

Melissa said...

Celeste, you've made me cry! This was so beautiful. I am so happy you got to enjoy such special one-on-one time with Jacob, even if it was something as simple as grocery shopping together. Sometimes it's those little things we remember the most!

God bless you, dear friend. Hope you are having a wonderful day!