Monday, June 18, 2007

A Wild Ride Through God's Word

We did it! We all survived our first Vacation Bible School experience. Actually, we did more than survive. It was a great success. Yes, at the end of the week I was absolutely worn out from the daily driving back and forth. But Jacob and Nicole enjoyed themselves SOOOOOO much. They couldn't get enough of all the fun and good times at Avalanche Ranch.

I had been wanting to enroll Jacob and Nicole in VBS this summer. Our parish, Mary Queen, only allows children who have finished Kindergarten (and up) to attend. Nicole would not be able to go, but I knew she would enjoy going. So I enrolled them both in a nearby parish's program - at St. Clare, one of 7 parishes within 20 minutes of our house.

They began last Monday and faithfully attended with great excitement. They enjoyed great music (we bought the CD)! There were cool snacks, puppets, people in costume, Bible stories told in an engaging format, crafts, outside play. Jacob really got into from the first minute. He loved the music and the hand motions. Nicole was a bit apprehensive the first morning, but it didn't take her long to figure out how much fun it was. She loved the little videos they'd watch each day and all the crafts. It was a fantastic experience and when asked if they'd like to go next summer, I got a resounding "YES!!!!!!!!"

It gives me great joy to see them having fun learning to love God and their Catholic faith. I hope to have this same childlike wonder. On the evening before their final day, the families gathered for a pot luck dinner and a n overview of the kids' activities. What fun! The children performed some of their songs and we saw videos showcasing all the fun. It was a fun week.

Jacob is the one in the hat and bandanna (Nicole did not want to get up on stage). Incidentally, the two boys in front of Jacob are Michele's oldest two, Brennan and Nicholas. St. Clare is their parish!


mom-in-training said...

They look like they had so much fun! I know it wore you out, but wasn't it so worth those precious, happy faces? I didn't ever get any pictures of my kids at VBS. How sad is that?

Melissa said...

Their VBS sounds like it was SO much fun! I love the picture of Jacob and Nicole together. How absolutely precious! Caitlyn is already talking about how excited she's going to be to go next year with Dylan when she is "FOUR years old"! :)

I'm so glad your kids had such a great time. Dylan still seems to be enjoying it, but I don't think our parish has quite a big production as the one you all went to!

Now that it's all over, just sit back and RELAX! :)