Sunday, June 03, 2007

Happy 2nd Birthday Andrew Clayton!

Today you turn two!

Two years ago you came into this world bringing much joy and delight along with you - happy parents, doting big brother and sweet older sister. A whole bunch of family and friends to love you and who have enjoyed every minute of watching you grow these two years.

You are snuggly and love to hug and kiss. You have the softest skin known to man - STILL! You are determined and resourceful. You are a fantastic, untiring helper. You are silly and funny, always ready for an audience. You can hit a ball harder and swing a golf club better than most. You make us smile and laugh.

I thank God for sending you to us this day two years ago. You bring joy and happiness to our days. I can't wait to see you grow some more. I wonder at what God has planned for you. May your Savior Jesus, your Mother Mary and your Guardian Angel watch over you forever.

We love you so much Andrew! Happy Birthday!


Melissa said...

Happy, happy birthday Andrew!

Celeste, he is such an incredibly cute little boy! These pictures are just so much personality! Please give your sweet boy a big birthday hug from the New Mexico friends who would love to someday meet him!

mom-in-training said...

Happy Birthday, Andrew! We love you!!!