Sunday, June 24, 2007

Simplify My Life: Stage 1

Yesterday, while Brian was playing golf and the kids were happy playing (well, pretty happy), I began to tackle a little cleaning out in order to simplify. Our garage sale isn't for a month or so, but with the number of things I am hoping to go through, there is no time like the present to begin.

It went well. I cleaned out one wall of cabinets in the kitchen. Four cabinets down and eight to go. Nine cabinets if you count the one under the sink in the bathroom around the corner. The bread machine and a couple of other things are in there. Oh, and six drawers too. I have always enjoyed the action of cleaning out and getting rids of things. This time though, I thought about it differently. I thought about excess, not just about eliminating things so I can neatly fit things in the space we have. There is so much that can go! It is freeing.

Here are a few photos of the first results.

This was the first cabinet I tackled. I got rid of a bean pot that matches our everyday dishes, but which I have never used in these almost 9 years. And, yes, there are the TWO red oven mitts I use (and one cute Christmas one). I didn't see the point in keeping any extra oven mitts. It just doesn't seem to be one of those things I would need an emergency pair of and of course new ones aren't too hard to come by. It is simple. It is uncluttered. And all I see are the things I use. Hallelujah!

The next cabinet I purged was above the stove and microwave. There wasn't much up there anyway, but as you can see in the below it, I managed to get rid of 7 miscellaneous jars - mostly old pickle jars. Hmmmm. And there is that favorite old enamel ware I love and want to use more often.

Next was the everyday cup and mug cabinet. One of the most often used cabinets in our kitchen. I love it! We use most everything here on a very regular basis. There are some extra or sentimental mugs at the top and a set of old insulated glasses that belonged to Brian's grandfather. We don't use those very often, but we do use them. Below that is what I got rid of. An excess of plastic cups with lids from various restaurants. The kids use those type of cups daily for their meals, but we were literally overflowing! Broken sippy cups, a melted insulated mug, a few bowls, and other stuff we just don't need.

Last, but not least, my mixing and measuring cabinet. I got rid of a few more bowls and some Pampered Chef tools that I never use because they annoy me.

Later, after lunch, Brian and I tackled our bedroom closet and dresser drawers. We ended up with LOTS of clothes to put in the garage sale or donate and cleaner closet. Brian wasn't sure about some of his winter shirts, but I told him to wait until after winter. Then he would have a much clearer picture of what he actually wore.

It is amazing for me to realize that even someone like me, who periodically organizes and purges and donates, STILL has a lot of stuff I don't use. Things stuffed in drawers that should have gone in the trash?

Being detached feels good. Having less feels good. Lord, continue to help us as we clean out and learn to do with less. Help us to give out of our abundance.

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mom-in-training said...

Wow! You amaze me! I wish I could gather up the courage to do that with my cabinets. And you know what? I think I can, though I may need a week or so to build up the strength and bravery to attempt such a feat. But seeing as how we have that garage sale coming up, I think I should definitely try!

Thanks for the motivation - and good job on your cabinets. They look awesome - and simple. ;)