Monday, June 25, 2007

Simplify My Life: Stage 2

A little bit more clean and clear and under control. OK, so I borrowed that slogan from the acne face wash, but I think it works here!

Not much too eliminate here: the waffle iron and a box full of napkin rings I never use. But I also needed to relocate a few items. Blender and food processor in the back and crock pot in the front. I can actually get the crock pot out now without killing myself!!!!!

Kitchen towel drawer. Got rid of old icky bibs. Got rid of old kitchen towels I don't like and don't use. I do towel laundry often enough I don't really run out.

This is the placemat and napkin drawer. We hardly ever use placemats at meals anymore. Our table is so durable and well-loved that it wasn't worth the extra cleanup. It was only a few extra minutes, but lots of few extra minutes here and there add up to hours. So I got rid of excess. I had recently cleaned out old napkins so that was done. We do use cloth napkins at meals.

And finally, under the sink in the half bath around the corner. Yep, the bread machine still lives there. It's still the best place. In the box is a vacuum sealer we got free with our deep freeze. I do intend to figure out what to do with it. If not, I'm sure it will be in the next garage sale or donation box. Got rid of a load of old, excess kitchen and hand towels. Also some old discolored "pretty soaps" and some candle holders that I have no place for.

Done for the day. Just a little here and there, but it makes a BIG difference.

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mom-in-training said...

You are doing awesome! What an inspiration to all to clean out and simplify, which I really want to do in my own house. Of course, I still need you to come over and organize everything. But I should probably do the cleaning out. ;)

I was talking to Cheryl this morning and she has motivated me to redo our bedroom closets. I am going to clean them out - I know I have lots of things I don't wear anymore, and so does Bill (though I'll let him clean out his own stuff ;) ). And then I'm going to combine our closets - both of our clothes will hang in what once was MY closet. And then his closet can be our storage closet. We could even make a section of it into an extra linen storage space. I can't wait to get started. I may at least begin in my closet today. Hopefully the motivation will stick long enough for me to make some real progress! ;)