Tuesday, June 12, 2007

A little girl time this afternoon

Nicole has been waiting so patiently for weeks now to be able to do this project with Mommy. At Christmas she received this adorable kit to make a gauzy butterfly canopy to hang over her bed. We would have done it sooner, but until we knew what the baby would be and if we were staying in this house, we weren't sure where all the kidos would end up. As you might recall, we settled the three older ones in the larger bedroom and left the smaller as the nursery. So now, Nicole and I are on a mission to "girl-ify" her little corner of the room. It will actually turn out pretty neat since her "corner" is the bottom bunk. Kind of a special little hideaway amongst all the BOYS! We are making the canopy today. She has requested pink monkey pictures for the wall so I have "hired" my dear, very artistically gifted sister to create them. I know they will be perfect! I am looking for and possibly making some pink throw pillows. And, I'm not sure yet, but we might put away the primary colored bedding and change it out for something girly. We cannot make a girl room yet, but a girl bed is easy. It is hard for me to do, silly as it may sound, because I like order and uniformity and things to MATCH! So having one bed in there be different will be visually traumatic for me. But I know that her joy over having such a special area will cure that difficulty in a pinch. Even in such a small thing, I am amazed at how God calls me to bend and stretch and change for the better.

"Loosen up, Celeste!"

"OK, God."

"Oh, and have some fun too!"

"Got it! I did today."

She so thoroughly enjoyed creating this canopy. I cannot wait to hang it for her!


Melissa said...

Great job, girls! Nicole looks so happy!

And Celeste, I just had to laugh when I read this post. Because, would you believe I've been thinking about your big kids' room ever since I first read about it? The idea of putting all three of my kids in the same room had never even occured to me and now suddenly, there are so many possibilities of how we can rearrange to maximize our space! I've even found a beautiful set of bunk beds (twin on top, full below for the girls to share), and with a nice little check that Darren just got back from his former place of employment, I can even afford said bunk beds...BUT! You should SEE the way I've been agonizing over bedding! I am soooo much like you: I need uniformity in the worst way! So I've been searching every place I can think of for the "perfect" coordinating bedding: Bed Bath and Beyond, Linens and Things, Target, JCPenney...you name it, I've probably searched it! "Celeste did it, so I KNOW it can be done!" :)

But I'm using your admission of girl-ifying Nicole's bed as permission to do the same...so now I'm starting all over again, searching for gender specific bedding that at least compliments each other.

I'm nuts. I don't know how Darren puts up with me! ;) But really...this is so much fun! I'd love to see pictures of how Nicole's bed turns out. I just know she's going to love it! Hopefully I'll have pictures to share soon, too.

diana said...

She is *so* cute and industrious!I bet she is so proud of those wings!

As for us, when my first was small I got her *my* dream bedroom, white and pink daybed with big ceramic decorative balls with roses on them, a daybed cover and matching pillows that's also white with big pink fluffy cabbage roses,white painted furniture, pink walls and curtains...etc--it turned out just how I wanted it.

And my both my daughters HATE it! They want purple robots and aliens and eyeballs, and earth tones.
So you just can't win!

Do robots, even remotely, go with roses so that I can still use the pink roses bedding and daybed???? I don't think so! So I said maybe pink robots with purple eye sockets (this suggestion was met with a groan).

So my dream room is covered with eyeball motifs, a big dollhouse where the Iron Giant resides with his several alien babies and transformer wife, Tae Kwon Do trophys, a blow up Tiki, and assorted beds for dinosaurs.

I give up!