Saturday, June 23, 2007

Two feet away!

Brian left early this morning to play golf with his dad. So it was just me and the kids this morning. At breakfast, somewhere around 9am, we were reading our Bible for the day and saying our morning prayers. I usually offer a few intentions and then we end our prayer. Today Jacob piped up with a special intention. Usually everyone is too busy eating to think that hard. He said, "Jesus, please help Daddy make a hole in one today while he's playing golf. Amen." Brian's game is getting better all the time, but seeing as he isn't quite as experienced and talented a golfer as his dad (playing for 50 years or so and quite good!), I felt the need to add a little disclaimer. Like our all-knowing God needs one. To that I tacked on, "Yes, Lord that would be nice, but even if he doesn't make a hole in one, we just pray he shoots well and has a great time playing with Pappa. Amen." There. Hate to let the kids down. I mean even Pappa has only made two hole in ones in all these years!

Three or four hours later Brian comes through the back door and is met by three happy little people and a wife. Immediately Jacob asks, "Daddy. Daddy. Did you make a hole in one today???"

Brian paused. "Well, no Jacob, but I did come within two feet of making a hole in one!"

We all just about fell over!

Thanks Lord and sorry for the disclaimer prayer. Amen.

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mom-in-training said...

WOW! It's so neat to hear a reminder example of how God even answers our simple requests - especially when they come from the heart of a child.

Congrats to Brian on the great golfing! I imagine that hole-in-one is not far off! :)