Thursday, June 28, 2007

Simplify My Life: Stage 4

I feel good. I feel great. I feel wonderful. (What movie is that line from?)

The kitchen is done. I cleaned out the last cabinet this afternoon. Yeah! I might have to stop now. I really am running out of room for stuff!

This is the everyday dishes and glasses cabinet. The biggest thing I eliminated was the majority of a set of glasses I have had since before I knew Brian. They were glasses my parents earned when they would fill up at our local Exxon station. I did keep the short juice glass size. That is at least until I begin my collection of Depression glass juice glasses something like these.

Here's what I got rid of.

And here is the precariously arranged cabinet with all my lovely antique dishes. My set of Petalware from the Depression (gee, I'm Depressed!). Some rosebud dishes. And a lovely set with violets. Not to mention all my serving pieces, lovely bowls and cake stands.

This be the cabinet above with all the antique (yes, Depression) glassware and crystal. And my set of red and green glass Christmas dishes for eggnog and desserts that I pick up here and there at antique shops.

Here's what I got rid of in those two cabinets. Not a whole lot, but definitely stuff I NEVER use and even a plate that was hanging on the wall in the den. It is broken. The kids threw something and it hit the plate. Why I stuck a broken plate in there, I'm not real sure. Oh, and don't you love the dollar store candle holder with the melted down stub of candle stuck in it?? Way to go Celeste!

It is really great to know I have been through the entire kitchen. It is freeing. I have stuff I do and will use and things are better arranged as a result of having less.

Keep up the good work good buddies!


Melissa said...

What About Bob! I LOVE that movie! I can practically recite the whole thing by heart, and it is quoted VERY often around here. :)

Your kitchen clean-out looks great! You've got such lovely things; makes me really want to go dig through my cabinets again! I love all your glass dishes. So classic and beautiful!

My name is Lynn said...

Wow, Celeste am I ever inspired to tackle my own kitchen cabinets! You did a great job. I am drooling over that blue spode plate on your counter. I collect blue and pink transferware and spode.
God Bless.