Sunday, July 29, 2007

Five Things I love about Jesus meme

Well, I haven't done a meme in a while. Michele tagged me for this one and I think it is a worthwhile endeavor to write about just a few of the things I love about Jesus.

1. He loves. I don't deserve it. I have done nothing to merit it. In fact, at times I can be so foolish as to even turn away from his love through my sin. And yet it is mine. His great, unconditional love is mine. The thing that bothers me about this is the fact that I often do not put myself in a position to experience the true depth of His love for me. I do not think we can ever fully comprehend the magnitude of His love in this life, but so often I think we allow ourselves to have such a limited "human" perspective where His love is concerned. I wonder what would happen in my daily life if I could be open to and more fully receive the love He waits to shower on me.

2. He forgives. Over and over and over and over. He forgives. And then I turn around and do the same old sins again and he forgives me AGAIN! And along with this gift of forgiveness is His gift of the Sacrament of Reconciliation. Of course there are countless times in one day where I must stop and ask Jesus to forgive me for something. Imagine that. I am sorry for my sin and I am forgiven right there, right then. No doubt about it. But I cannot explain how much more real that forgiveness seems when I approach the throne of mercy through the Sacrament. Maybe it is the fact that I must fall down before another human who is acting in the person of Christ and vocally admit to my sinful habits. Maybe it is the words of wisdom spoken. Maybe it is hearing the words of absolution and feeling my skin tingle as the priest delivers that forgiveness from Christ. It is a beautiful thing. I always leave feeling like I want to come back again and sooner.

3. He shows. Over and over again in Scripture Jesus shows me how to follow Him. He shows me how important relationships are as he spends time with Martha and Mary and Lazarus. He shows me how to pray when stays up all night praying and rises early in the morning to go off by himself. He shows me how to serve in countless ways - feeding, healing, washing, teaching. He shows me that rest is part of the Christian life. He rested in the boat on the water. He rested with his disciples. He shows me how to be one of His own if I but look and listen.

4. He waits. Yes, Jesus calls me. He invites me. He even sends me messengers at times. But He does not badger. He does not nag me. He calls and then He waits. He desperately wants me to come to Him. But He waits for me. I have to come on my own. He will never force me. I am thankful for this patience because I know how stubborn I am. I would get tired of waiting on me, but He doesn't. But what I must realize is that someday my life will be over and He will no longer wait for me. So I better not wait too long to turn towards Him.

5. He lives. Jesus died. Thank you, Jesus. Jesus, rose from the dead. Thank you, Jesus. He lives. He gives me the chance to gain eternal life in Heaven with Him. To live with Him forever! And He lives here with me now in the Eucharist. What an awesome gift!! I know He is always here by my side, but He is here Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity in the Eucharist. He is there in the Tabernacle in every church waiting for me. He is so real that I may receive Him in me to strengthen me. He knew I would need Him to be that real in my daily life. Thank you for such an awesome miracle. Thank you for never leaving me. He lives!

And now I tag Melissa. How I would love to hear her beautiful reflections. I know she has so much insight, so much to offer.


Melissa said...

Celeste, I am so flattered to have been tagged for this meme. I thank you for your very kind words, and am looking forward to a time of reflection in which to properly respond.

I love your answers. They are so heartfelt and ring so true to my soul. As always, I am better for having glimpsed a bit more of your heart. Thank you so much for sharing!

Jill said...

Beautiful reflections.