Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Nicole's Girlie Bed

I remembered the other day that I had not yet posted a couple of photos on the changes I made to the kids' bedroom, most specifically, Nicole's bed. Melissa and I had been discussing bedding and rearranging and her recent entry on her kids' new bedroom (how adorable is that!!!) jarred my memory. I had posted a bit ago about the butterfly canopy that Nicole and I made and then I just left everyone hanging. Not that you've been checking in everyday wondering about her bed, but anyway.


After much searching and deliberating, we chose to go ahead and make her bed an official girl bed even though we can't do a girl room now - maybe the next house. I had a hard time finding something that wasn't too pricey, but would also compliment (well, enough) the quilts on the boys' beds. I had even considered the pink monkey quilt that Melissa chose, but decided it was too different from the others. Plus, I wanted the flexibility to work with the quilt when we could decorate a girl room someday - without having to buy all new bedding. I found this quilt and sham online at Target and luckily they had it in the store. I love how it looks and it is nice quality. I made her a pillow with pink quilting fabrics I had stashed and we gathered all her pink animals. I still need to talk with my sister a bit more about the monkey pictures we would like her to draw.

Here is how the bedroom used to look. Nicole's is the bottom bunk.

This morning I had Nicole go take her own pictures of her own bed. She was very happy and proud to do so. Here's what she captured.

Nicole is really enjoying her own little space. I am glad we did this. Thank heaven for little girls.


Melissa said...

Celeste, it looks great! I love the images Nicole chose...what a wonderful idea for you to have HER take the pictures! We really get to see what SHE loves about her new, beautiful girlie bed!

P.S. I actually HAVE been checking in every day for an update! ;)

Glad you posted!

Crafty Mom said...

Okay love the room and the pictures. For a 4 year old those are some pretty good shots!!

I found what looks like a nice house in Dickinson... Lennar... must have been the same type that you were looking at before. Cherry cabinets... blah!! Anyway thought about you as I was browsing the real estate market, and told Mike that when we move back, we must do some consulting. Putting you, Robin, and us all in the same neighborhood would make a great co-op, babysitting, mothers time situation. We would just have to tear down those darn privacy fences. You have no idea how great it is without a fence.