Thursday, July 19, 2007

"Shiny Happy People"

This afternoon Andrew was napping and Jacob and Nicole were - yep, you guessed it - watching yet another DVD. Michael and I decided we would head out to the front yard for a little break and to sneak in a Weight Watchers one point fudge bar (you know, to lift those failing spirits).

It was drizzling a bit. We surveyed the heaps of unwanted stuff priced and awaiting Saturday's garage sale. We checked on the soggy lawn and overgrown, but happy plants. We admired the flowers. We watched some workers pull up at the neighbor's house across the street. Hmm. I wonder what kind of work Friendly Neighbor is having done. We stood there a few minutes.

The men got out of their red delivery type work truck. The men went to knock on our neighbor's front door. The men came back to their truck to retrieve some paperwork. The men stood by the truck discussing whatever they were discussing.

Hmm, again.

Then it hit me.

"Those guys are silver."

Their clothes were silver. Their shoes were silver. Their legs and arms were silver. Their faces were silver. Their hair was silver. Head to toe - nothing but silver. Hmm.

For a moment I stood there trying to process the strange sight. Were things really getting so bad in that house that I was beginning to hallucinate? Wow.

Apparently, these men work for a company that sprays radiant barrier insulation on the underside of your roof in the attic. Apparently, according to a home improvement show Brian listened to once, if you do this job yourself you should wear full body protection. Apparently, that is because the job turns you silver. SILVER. Apparently, it washes off????????

At some point I decided it was a good time to head inside and rest my eyes.

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Mom of boys said...

Celeste, that is absolutely hilarious!

Hope your garage sale goes well!