Thursday, July 19, 2007


Tonight as I drove to a meeting a short way from the house, I listened to a CD that I hadn't pulled out in quite a while. The next song was Jesus, Lover of My Soul by Stuart Townend. It had been so long since I had heard it. But once again tonight, it brought about the same peace and calm of soul that I remember it bringing many times before.

It's all about You, Jesus
And all this is for You
For Your glory and Your fame
It's not about me
As if You should do things my way
You alone Are God
And I surrender
To Your ways

Jesus, lover of my soul
All consuming fire is in Your gaze
Jesus, I want You to know
I will follow You all my days

For no one else in History is like You
And History itself belongs to You
Alpha and Omega, You have loved me
And I will share eternity with You


Jill said...

I am glad you rediscovered this song. You need the peace that it brings while you battle this seemingly never-ending sickness around there. I think of you often and hope that you are all back to 'Ordinary Time' soon...and stop hallucinating about silver men in the neighborhood. ;)

Jen said...

Just beautiful. I have to pick up the CD now. :-)