Tuesday, July 31, 2007

A Little of This and a Little of That

Several weeks ago during our months of illness (well, maybe it really was just weeks) we had that garage sale which I had spent so much time preparing for. We did rather well. And the kids so willingly let go of toys and games, books and clothes. Brian and I had promised they could keep the money they made on their items. So this Friday afternoon, we headed to the toy store, money in hand, to have a little fun.

Jacob didn't need much time to decide on this so that he could make more of...


Nicole took a little longer, but was thrilled with her choice of this so that Bitty Baby could do...


Andrew did better than I expected. He kept gravitating toward the same area. He came home with one of these so that we could spend lots of time doing...


Saturday was a great day!

Brian's day was spent using
this and this enabling him to do lots and lots of...


And, last but not least, I spent a little time at this place, buying this so that I could spend time doing...

Well, I can't show you that yet, but hopefully by the end of the week, I can unveil my little creation. Let's just say I am having loads of fun!


Crafty Mom said...

Battery Thomas enthralled our lives about 3 years ago as a gift for Katie from my brother. She thought it was the greatest thing. We made him haul up to 16 cars one day I think, and he still made it up our bridges. He slows down as the batteries die.

Love the k'nex. I hope Katie or Nick decide to enjoy them some day.

And of course what girl doesn't need to make sure Bitty baby is comfy and accessorized.

I guess Michael didn't give up anything at the garage sale, since he didn't get anything. Poor Michael!

And I am loving your new selection of fabric. I finally took out the quilt I started at your house, and am working on it now, with my new purchase. An iron!!! I sold my extra at our garage sale since who needs 2 irons, and the next time I used ours, it didn't steam. HMMMM!

Glad you did so well at the garage sale and have fun quilting!!

Blair said...

Looks like a fun weekend with lots of fun prizes! So glad you are all feeling better!

Jen said...

Oh, I can't wait to see what you are making. And, my son whose four, loved your Thomas video. He loves Thomas! What a fun weekend you all had. Glad you got a little something for yourself too, and that everyone one is well.