Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Today I Turn 5 Months

"Yep. Today's my birthday. I didn't have a big party or anything. Mom wasn't quite up to it. Though I heard they baked muffins while I napped. I did celebrate though with a couple of peaceful naps, some great feedings, and lots of being held and loved on. Oh, and on Sunday they graduated me to this wild and crazy, spinning and bouncing, saucer-like contraption. I like it. Really. I do.

I just couldn't let this day pass without saying a few thank yous:

To Jacob: Thanks for watching over me and doing just about anything to entertain me. You have earned your super oldest brother status.

To Nicole: Thanks for wanting to hold me and for cheering me with your smiles and your sweet sing songy voice. I love it when you dance.

To Andrew: Thanks for not crushing my inner organs every time you show me "a little love." I know you truly mean well. You love me fiercely and I know we will be best buddies before we know it.

To Daddy: Thanks for swaying back and forth in front of the TV with me on those long evenings while Mommy would take her shower. You love me and cuddle me and play with me in your own special Daddy way. But thanks for not wrestling me yet. I am sure I will grow to love it too.

And last, but not least, To Mommy: Thanks for bringing me into this world (with a little help). Thanks for feeding me and holding me and feeding me and snuggling me and feeding me and changing me and feeding me and rocking me and feeding me and playing with me and most of all, for feeding me.

I love you all, my great big happy family!

Happy Birthday to Me!"

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mom-in-training said...

Happy 5 Month Birthday, Michael!!! You are such a little doll and you're growing up so fast. I feel like I haven't seen you in ages! Oh, yeah. Thanks to Monster Virus, I haven't. Go away Monster Virus!!! I miss our families play times!

We love you, Michael!!!