Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Happy Anniversary to Us!

Nine years!

"Sometimes it seems like a long time. Sometimes it seems like a short time."

We have always said these words to each other as the months (once upon a time long ago) and years pass. And today, once again, as we celebrate nine wonderful years of marriage, I would say the same. At times it seems as though we have known each other all our lives - have been together forever. At other times it feels like just yesterday we were that happy couple in the photos celebrating our wedding day! Whichever it is, it is amazing. An amazing journey. An amazing love. An amazing lot of fun! An amazing great adventure!

Today feels vaguely reminiscent of an anniversary post by Danielle. We are not off on some exotic trip. We are not even doing a fun outing with the kids this morning as we had hoped. Brian is at work (at least it's only for half a day) and I am at home cleaning up, doing laundry and tending to a sick little girl. As Danielle said, it is not romantic. It is not ideal. It is not even fun at the moment. Totally not as I would have our anniversary day turn out! But it is our life. The life that is a result of our love. The more I have unrealistic expectations and the more I allow myself to feel disappointed, the less I will enjoy this day. What the day is, is inevitable. I will find joy. I will smile at the memories of our wedding and all the happy days since. I will look forward to simple steaks on the grill. It is not about what we do. It is about who we are and the love we share. And today who we are and the love we share means sharing our love and care with our little ones both well and sick.

To my dearest Brian. I love you always and in all ways. All the memories of our early days and months and years are so fresh in my mind. In that way it does seem just like yesterday. In the past couple of days, as Nicole has been sick, I have seen what this love is all about. I see you helping me and working as a team to get Nicole through this illness. You love me when I worry. You love me when I complain. You love me when I don't make much sense. You even love me when I break into tears mid-sentence, "Tomorrow is our (boo-hoo) ann i ver sar eeeeeeee!" You love me. And I love you. It was so apparent to me so soon after we met that you were THE ONE. You are still the one. You always will be. I love my life with you. Happy Anniversary dear HG!


Mom of boys said...

Happy Anniversary guys! God Bless you today and always!

mom-in-training said...

Dearest friends,

Even in its simplicity, as circumstances would have it, may this special day bring you much happiness and new - hopefully all good - memories. Make the most of it and simply take joy in this life you've created together. Happy anniversary to you both. We love you!

-those crazy people down the street :)

Melissa said...

Well, I visited your blog multiple times during the day hoping to wish you a very "Happy Anniversary!", but every single time, a little girl (or two) would climb up into my lap begging for some attention. (Now that Darren's home, I've got a moment to myself. ;))

This post was so wonderful, a true reflection of the amazing couple you are and the amazing love that binds your sweet family together. I love the wedding photos, with both of you looking so incredibly happy, yet with no idea of the enormous blessings in store for you! I wish I was there to hug you both. I hope you enjoyed your special day despite the illness and worry that is a part of your life right now. You are so blessed!

And, I just have to also say: thank you so much for directing me over to Nicole's blog!!! I had been checking hers throughout the day, too, hoping for good news. YAY!!! :)

Jill said...

Happy Anniversary wishes to you, and get well wishes to Nicole.