Thursday, July 12, 2007

Simplify My Life: Stage 5

I cleaned out the laundry room shelves and the homeschool/crafting closet on Saturday. Due to illness, I forgot to take photos and post. I am happy with the results and got rid of more stuff! Although I wish my laundry room was a little more picturesque. That would require some major surgery though.


Crafty Mom said...

I'd love to show you a picture of my house at this moment. First it would make you run in horror, but then you would probably hop on a plane to fix it for me. YIPPEE! Aren't you the one who has a strong dislike for toothpaste anywhere but on the toothbrush?? Katie has a serious issue with toothpaste and spitting it everywhere but down the sink. Maybe just that one picture would bring you running??????

Melissa said...

I love your homeschooling closet. I want to climb into it and just spend hours going through and looking at all the cool stuff you have!

Mom to Four said...

OK, Kris

"I'm leaving on a jet plane. DOn't know when I'll be back again."